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TV and Radio on demand (BoB): Useful Information

Please note

Access to programmes recorded via BoB may not be available in perpetuity, as the BoB service, and any recordings made via it, are live for the period of the subscription only.

DVD copies of programmes recorded via BoB are generally not available.

Regional BBC programmes are not available via BoB.

If you require permanent access to a programme, a DVD copy of a programme to be created and added to the library catalogue or a regional programme to be recorded please contact the library (please insert the following as the 'Subject' of your email: DVD Request - Pankaj) at least 3 working days before the programme is scheduled to air.

Embedding and Sharing

To embed a programme or clip, simply click the ‘share’ button under the player window, and copy and paste the link marked ‘embed’ into your VLE site. 

URLs are permanent so you can easily copy and paste the link into your presentation. 

The easiest and most reliable method of using one or more videos within a presentation is to first save them to 'My BoB'. At your presentation, log in to BoB and run them from there. If you have a link in a PowerPoint presentation, you will need to copy and paste it into your browser address bar. BoB links from e-mail should work however.

See the video tutorials on the front page of this guide for more information.

You can also add BoB programmes, clips and Playlists to Reading Lists. Use the 'Share' button for prgrammes and clips. For playlists right click the playlist title and copy the URL. 

Viewing Problems?

In order to use BoB you need to have a modern browser installed. We recommend:

  • Internet Explorer 10 (or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox 44 (or later)
  • Safari 8 (or later)
  • Google Chrome 46 (or later)

Earlier versions of these browsers may work but are not supported.

Currently BoB requires the latest version of Flash in order to play programmes. In some buildings within the University, Flash may not be automatically upgraded and you may therefore have problems viewing in IE or Firefox. 

Google Chrome automatically updates Flash, however, so please do try viewing your programme on Google Chrome if you are experiencing a message displayed over your player saying 'This content is not currently available for your device'.