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Old Borrow, Renew & Return: Auto-Renewals

Automatic Renewals

Normal loan items are issued for two weeks and will auto-renew unless required by another borrower. We recommend you regularly check your Library Account for due dates.

We will send a courtesy email to you if an item cannot be renewed. This will be using your DMU email, or the email address you provided when you joined us. Please therefore ensure that you check your e-mails regularly.

If we need a book back and can’t renew it for you, we will tell you five days before it’s due, with a reminder on the day before it is due back. 

 The following loanable items are not included in auto-renewals:

  • Inter Library loans
  • Short loan items
  • WACOM Pens
  • Laptops

How long can I keep my loans?

Normal Loans - Normal Loans are for 2 weeks but, providing there is no reservation, will be automatically renewed (see below) for further periods, up to 99 times in all. Items on loan that are recalled by another user cannot be renewed and fines will apply if they are not returned by their due date.

If the item you are borrowing has already been requested by someone else (you may see this when borrowing items on our reservation shelves, where several people have all requested the same title) it will only loan to you for 7 days, to ensure everyone gets access to the item as quickly as possible.

Short Loans - Short loans should be returned by 1pm next day – renewal is not possible by phone or online but items may be returned and re-issued in person at the Main library counter, unless required by another user.

Laptops - Laptops are loaned for 3 hours with no renewals but students can borrow another one on return.

Inter Library Loans - Inter library loans have variable due dates as these are set by the libraries who lend them to us. No renewals are possible.

WACOM Pens - WACOM pens are available for loan for 24 hours from the main Library Counter. Renewal is not possible by phone or online but pens may be returned and re-issued in person at the Main library counter.