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Studiosity: Read Me First

Studiosity guidance and information for staff and students
What is Studiosity and how it works 
Our Academic Skills Support Team continue to support and develop your academic skills through our workshops, tutorials, drop-ins and online resources. Studiosity is one of the ways that you can receive study help, this service is for students and it's important that you read this guide to understand the service, how to access and the way it works before you use the service.​

How does Studiosity work?

Studiosity is an external online service. You can use the service either for a one-to-one Live Chat (Connect Live) to help you plan an assignment or provide you with support with maths or understanding of statistics.  You can also upload a file for a language writing feedback in less than 24 hours.  

  • This can be a live one-to-one chat for skills help across all subjects at all school levels through to tertiary bridging/ access/ foundation/ pathways levels
  • 24/7 writing feedback and referencing help supported by Citation Assist to prevent unintentional plagiarism
  • Connect to the Studiosity mobile app when you're out and about  
  • Tips:  Remember that you need to give yourself enough time to get writing feedback or complete complex mathematical task. Submit a draft or get in touch as soon as you can. You'll get it back in less than 24 hours, but you'll still need time to consider and act on the feedback you get.  DMU Learning Services team could always support you to understand the feedback and work with you to guide you through the process of improving your skills.   


  • How to use the Connect Live and the writing feedback service in this brief guide.

Connect Live and Writing Feedback






Be in the know, Studiosity does not...

  • Provide you with a predictive mark of your assessment or advise you on your assignment content.
  • Replace support available from the Academic Skills Support Team, your tutors, and if you are an international student, our Centre for English Language Learning.
  • Proofread your work and correct language mistakes or solve mathematical equations.
  • Assess your critical writing and evaluative skills
  • Check the credibility of sources that you used in your assessment and if you applied your faculty referencing guidelines.
  • Provide Turnitin similarity score or generate Turnitin report
Accessing Studiosity

As a DMU student, you have access to the Studiosity service.

  • Access Studiosity from this page. ​
  • Select  Studiosity and read the information screen​
  • Select 'Get Started'​
  • This will take you to Studiosity Information screen. Select 'Get Started'
  • You need to login to the portal using your DMU student email address and password (e.g. / *your DMU password)
  • As a first time user you will ALSO need to activate your account and enter a 4 digit pin number of YOUR choice. You will need to remember that 4 pin number as you will need it every time you access the service.
  • Once activated, you will need to agree Studiosity's privacy and acceptable use policy. Do read this for your information. Then select 'Get Started'.
  • You will be given a brief tour of the interface and how to Connect Live and receive help for written feedback.
  • You can also get help with the system using the 'Chat bubble' on the bottom right of the screen.
  • You have 5 interactions available with Studiosity services, this includes 'Connect Live' and 'Writing Feedback'.
  • You can get a transcript of your live chat interactions
  • Studiosity Written Feedback FAQ
  • Please also read Privacy notice and Studiosity