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Our team of experts specialising in learning development including researching, referencing, critical thinking, academic writing, maths and statistics, drawing and visual acuity invite you to EVENTS FOR DMU STAFF, an Open Programme of short sessions informed by a combination of pedagogic research and practitioner experience of supporting students academic work. 

Available ‘out of term time’ and delivered via MS Teams we look forward to working with you. Take a look at our programme and register below using 'Book a Workshop'.

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"The session was delivered very well. People were kept engaged through interactive slides. The pace of the session was just right - not too fast or too slow." (Postgraduate / Masters, Engineering and Sustainable Development)

"The session was very insightful. The tutor did an excellent job. Before the session, I was confused about how to structure my literature review but with through what I learnt in this session, it's clear to me now." (Postgraduate / Masters, Computer Science and Informatics)

"Brilliant session really well delivered and made easy to grasp with good encourage and support within the session." (Postgraduate / Masters, Journalism)

"It was really refreshing to attend such sessions. I will definitely recommend everyone I know to join. it's important and should be mandated in today's time." (Postgraduate / Masters, Business)

"This was a very clear and informative introduction to reflective writing. I found the examples of how to write in a reflective way really helpful and was able to apply these to my placement portfolio." (Undergraduate, Health and Wellbeing in Society/Health Studies)

"The workshop really helped me to understand how to analyse qualitative research for my dissertation. It was also helpful to learn the different types of qualitative analysis. A list of useful resources were provided at the end of the workshop too." (Undergraduate, Health and Wellbeing in Society/Health Studies)

"The presenter  was very knowledgeable and provided all the information that I required. I am now more confident about writing my dissertation methodology." (Postgraduate / Masters, Business)

"Every week I learn something new and I feel as if I am retaining the knowledge. I like how we learn something then put it into practise, there is enough time to grasp the concept before building upon that knowledge with something new. I am really enjoying drawing again!!!" (Undergraduate, Game Art Design)

"She was very open to collaborative efforts. Asking us what we struggled with. Asking us to explain how we got to an answer. As well as sharing alternative ways to get there, without forcing other methods down our throats. She was very hospitable and genuinely wanted to support and aid our mathematic ability. Never making us feel bad for that ability." (Undergraduate, Education)

"This session helped my understanding and gave physical examples along with the time to have a go. Which suited my learning style." (Undergraduate, Paramedicine)