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RefWorks: Migration guides

Changing from old RefWorks to New

If you are interested in upgrading from old (Legacy) RefWorks to New RefWorks please check our migration guides below first. RefWorks is still in the process of upgrading some features so we are not recommending that all users upgrade yet; the guides below provide advice on whether you should upgrade at this time. 

How to migrate

To move from old (legacy) RefWorks to New RefWorks you need to set up an account in New RefWorks first/

Access New RefWorks at You are looking for the following version of RefWorks:

Screenshot showing the New RefWorks homepage. It has a blue background with an image of someone working on a laptop. In the centre of the screen it says Making Research Easier

If the homepage looks like the following, you have found the old version of RefWorks:

Screenshot of the Old RefWorks homepage - It has a blue banner across the top with the RefWorks logo. In the centre of the screen it says 'Want to learn how to get the most out of RefWorks?'

  • Click on Create Account and set up a new account using your DMU email address and a password of your choosing. Do not use your Pnumber and DMU password.
  • Once in New RefWorks click on the + symbol at the top of your screen. Choose Import References.