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Partner Students UK: Support and Guidance


The Higher Education Assignment Toolkit has been designed to help students transitioning to Higher Education with their first Assignment.

You can either access an interactive tutorial or a PDF version of the toolkit. 

The Dissertation Toolkit is an interactive resource to help anyone working on large assignments such as:

  • Final Year Dissertations
  • Final Year Projects or Extended Reports
  • Masters Dissertations

You can dip into the toolkit for Ideas and Resources about many aspects of academic study, including Referencing, Critical Writing, Proofreading and more. There are videos, quizzes, checklists and much more.

The Critical Thinking Toolkit has been designed to introduce you to all aspects of critical thinking, from recognising how cognitive biases influence how we interact with information, evaluating the reliability of information and critical reading and writing. 

It is designed to be worked through from the start but you can dip into different sections if you prefer. It is interactive with tasks throughout to help you fully learn the theories and techniques.

Click on the image to view the toolkitImage of hands holding a lightbulb

Proof reading is an integral part of the process of producing academic writing, and therefore an important skill both at university and beyond . This PDF guide covers some of the key areas that you can focus on when proof reading your writing. 

Maths Learning Centre

Maths Resources

Link to Maths Resources

Click the image for Maths resources to aid your independent learning

Statistics Resources

Link to Statistics Resources

Click the image for Statistics resources to aid your independent learning

Focus on Guides - Courses

Critical Writing Guide
Essay Writing Guide
Proof Reading for Grammar Toolkit
Reflective Writing Guide
Report Writing Guide
Writing in academic style guide
Using Evidence in Writing

CLaSS Bitesize Videos

Writing in an academic style: 3 minute bitesize video tutorial

Reading Strategies: 4 minute bitesize video tutorial


Reading for a purpose: 9 minute bitesize video tutorial


How to read and critique a journal article: 9 minute bitesize video tutorial


Note Making: 5 minute bitesize video tutorial


Turning reading into writing: 12 minute bitesize video tutorial

Writing Reports: 9 minute bitesize video tutorial


Structuring your Essay: 9 minute bitesize video tutorial


Structuring your Essay - Test Yourself: 3 minute bitesize video tutorial

What do we mean by criticality? 3 minute bitesize video tutorial


Stepping up your critical writing: 5 minute bitesize video tutorial


Finding your critical voice: 7 minute bitesize video tutorial

Effective Presentations: 5 minute bitesize video tutorial

Writing a polished response in the exam: 2 minute bitesize video tutorial


Top 5 student tips for exams: 5 minute bitesize video tutorial


Workshops on a range of academic skills are delivered by the Learning Services Team in the UK. Workshops are currently delivered remotely.

Recordings are also available for most workshops. Please see the list below


Workshop recordings