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Partner Students

Partner Students UK: Accessing Online Resources

What can I access?

What can I access?

On this page you will find access to ebook collections and databases that you can access as a partner student undertaking a DMU award.

  • Either, use the Discover Library Search tool below to search across all content within the DMU collections.
  • Or, select a specific ebook collection or database further down the page. Databases have been categorised into broad subject categories. Click on the relevant tab to see the databases available and descriptions of content.

Other free databases and repositories exist to find ebooks and ejournals. See the Free Online Resources page tab for more information.

How do I access resources?

You will be issued with a Single Sign-On Username and Password. 

These details allow you to login to the databases on this page. Some databases won't require a login. 

  • You will be assigned a P number, which acts as your username.
  • You will be assigned a default password. You should change your password as soon as possible to keep it secure.
  • It is against university regulations to share your password with anyone else. 

If you forget your password, use the password self-service portal to regain access.

Only the licenced ebook collections and databases listed on this page can be accessed by partner students, and you can make use of databases for educational purposes only. Please make sure you follow the acceptable use policy.

Library Search

Discover Library Search



You will have access to the key print and online books via your institution library.

DMU can also provide access to the following ebook collections. Each collection includes ebooks across a range of subject areas

Click on the links to access and enter your single sign-on username and password

For help accessing ebooks try this guide.  


What is a database?

Databases are collections of journals searchable from one search box. They enable you to find good quality subject-specific research and journal articles on a topic.

  • Some are general and others have a specific subject focus
  • Some databases may also contain other types of material such as books, conference paper
  • Some will concentrate on case studies and data that may be useful for your course.

Library Access Browser Extension

Library Access from Lean Library is a browser extension that helpfully pops up whenever it finds articles subscribed by De Montfort University. It requires that you login as a member of DMU, using your Single Sign On details. The browser is particular helpful if you are searching using tools such as Google Scholar.