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The Drawing Centre: Welcome

The aim of the Drawing Centre (DC) is:

  • the development of students’ visual learning and communication (look, see, record)
  • using drawing to explore ideas in visually based programmes
  • a host location (physical/virtual) for developing artists to engage with their creativity.

Open Studio Still Life Sessions

These are open studio sessions in Mill Studios MS0.34. Please remember to scan your card and clear up before you leave.


In-Curriculum Sessions - by invitation

These are course-specific sessions provided by the Drawing Centre and your module. It is by invitation only via your tutors. Please remember to register for your sessions when you receive a notification from your tutor.

"I liked learning these new things, it opened our eyes to new outcomes in our work. It was done in an engaging/visual way without being overwhelming. You discussed some complicated things but made it easy to understand. It is good you are more informal/relatable than what we are used to. It is good to know someone like yourself is available on campus should we need you."


"It truly is one of the most interesting approaches to teaching I have seen for drawing, and I cannot wait to continue."

"I got to learn various areas like the value of 3D Objects and the importance of drawing as it gets to exercise areas of the brain we do not use enough- our creative side. It taught me skills of perseverance and resilience by repeatedly trying again until I master it. Even though it was a short session, I made improvement which I felt proud of."

"I can now quite happily say, sketchbooks now come as second nature, a place where I can seek refuge when the world or my own brain does not make sense anymore."


"The Drawing Centre is the centre for art students and where we learn. It’s developing our futures and so it’s a crucial part of our learning and is much needed."


"I don’t let my visual impairment, or my partial sightedness get in the way anymore I’m not afraid to tackle challenging ideas which I’m unsure on how to complete, I just do it."


"It branches creative courses together allowing myself to help or become friends with other students and they’ve helped me too. In a way we’ve all worked as a team and it’s all because of the Drawing Centre."


"I thought I’d see no improvement but with the help of DC I’ve been able to think independently, I can go in and say what I’m doing with confidence rather than being stuck for ideas or areas to go forward in."

"The Drawing Centre has been a second home for students who struggle with their course it’s a vital part of our learning."

"The Drawing Centre experience was very different and new for me as I had never done anything like it before, it made me explore my way through drawing and helped me realize that making mistakes is okay and that repeatedly doing something leads to improvement and perfection."


"DC managed to convince me that I was more capable than I'd realised, and now I am in a position where I feel I can stand on my own two feet, which I've never before felt the confidence to do in a creative setting."


"I have always struggled with 'getting messy' and just general creative freedom that comes with my contour degree and the DC was able to give me pointers so I could direct myself towards a successful and well-developed sketchbook."


"who would thought that you can draw something without looking at the paper? - you just can’t be bored!"

"Couldn’t have got through 3rd year without your help and defo wouldn’t have got a 2:1! Thank you."

"Good atmosphere, teaching in creative and interesting way."

"DC is great, understanding, and skilled. He is not belittling and a great teacher. It feels like drawing and life coaching combined … feels personal…  Looking forward to continued learning and development. This workshop was exactly what I had been missing - thank you."


"The tutor is really nice and good at explaining how the art theory works! He is humorous and patient too. I like how we are learning at the same pace, and everyone have a same start, so I do not feel left out."

"When applying for university I had hoped that there would be something like this offered and I am extremely grateful that DC has exceeded my expectations."

"His approach and methods of teaching and ways with people is truly clear he has a deep care in passing along his knowledge. If this is only the start of what he has to offer I cannot wait to go further with DC into more complex topics and learning to become a better comic artist in the near future."


"I have been coming to his sessions for four weeks now and I have learnt so much more than I had in the past 4 years of college. His approach and methods of teaching and ways with people is truly clear he has a deep care in passing along his knowledge."


"I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute being taught by DC staff, they are a truly kind and pleasant person to talk with and he is willing to share all knowledge he has in drawing and learning to see. We have not known each other long but I can already tell I would like to work with him though out the 3-year course."


"When I first came to university, I was not feeling greatly confident in my drawing abilities, this was broken very quickly by DC and my confidence within the first week was building and I am now starting to progress in ways I had not thought I could."


"I've become more confident at drawing and especially using composition effectively."


"Introduced concepts and ideas I had never been shown before and taught me a lot about the subject."

"I think classes gave me a better and professional understanding of composition and general drawing. These topics are essential to learning, and my art improved."


"I think classes gave me a better and professional understanding of composition and general drawing. These topics are essential to learning, and my art improved."


"I personally feel like the sessions were extremely useful and would recommend all art students to use these services."


"The staff incorporates a great deal of natural interactivity into the process of learning. This way we are much more likely to remember the imparted material through effectively engaging with it, and not by only absorbing written word/ premade presentation."


"The drawing sessions have consistently been a refreshing and helpful way of teaching, explaining, or re-establishing key techniques or processes that lend themselves perfectly as additional help to our course."

"Every week I learn something new, and I feel as if I am retaining the knowledge. I like how we learn something then put it into practise, there is enough time to grasp the concept before building upon that knowledge with something new. I am really enjoying drawing again!"

"Was stuck with a project and received help and now have a load of ideas to start off a process and get back on track."