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BrowZine Library: Support

Use BrowZine, on your desktop or mobile device, to easily find, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals!

Common Issues

Why can't I get the full-text article?

If you are unable to view the full-text of an article in BrowZine after clicking on the link or if a message pops out and indicates that there is a broken link, please drop us an email and provide us with the screenshots and the title of the article that you were trying to access.

We will investigate the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Where is my favourite journal?

While the BrowZine application does cover a large proportion of popular journals that are in our collection, some journals are yet to be integrated.

If you wish to see your favourite journal in BrowZine, feel free to email us with the name and the ISSN of the journal. We will contact BrowZine to see if it is possible to include it.

Bookshelves and Accounts

Why do I need a BrowZine Account?

You do not need a personal account on BrowZine for the basic functions: Browsing for journals and checking the latest issues. However you will need to create a BrowZine account to enjoy the personalisation features, like my Bookshelf and My Articles.

Can I use BrowZine if I am not a current student?

You can use BrowZine to view Open Access journals, but not those available only through subscription payments.

Privacy and Accessibility


Third Iron have developed BrowZine with accessibility in mind. You can find more detail about the accessibility features and plans for future developments from their website. If you have any suggestions or issues to report, please contact them at


You can find the Third Iron Privacy Policy on their website.

More help

Further Help for BrowZine Users is available from the developers, Third Iron.