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Assistive Software: Library Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Software in the Library

We have a range of assistive software that is available on all library computers and for home use. We also have Assistive Technology PCs installed with a more extensive list of assistive technology software.

The assistive technology software is grouped into categories that reflect their main function. For example, Text-to-Speech software makes on-screen text accessible by reading it out loud to you. Some software can fall into more than one category. 


Assistive Technology on AT PCs 

  • Dragon v16
  • Glean
  • EquatIO (Digital maths tool)
  • Inspiration
  • MindGenius
  • Mind View
  • TextHelp Read & Write
  • Zoom Text (Read & Magnifier)

See the Software download page for AT home licenses. Sign in with your single sign-on details (SAML).