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Assistive Technology (AT): Accessible Study Rooms

The Assistive Technology (AT) Guide provides you with information about assistive software and training in the library.


There are currently restrictions on access to our spaces due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing. 

Take a look at our Library Trail available online which enables you to explore what Kimberlin Library has to offer and includes photos and floor plans. We will re-open our spaces once we are able to do so safely and within Covid-19 guidelines.

Study Rooms


How to book a Study Room

The library has six bookable Individual study rooms (KL00.08a-f) and two Accessible Study rooms (KL00.06 & KL00.07) for registered Assistive Technology users.

The Study Rooms can be booked online by DMU students. Your single Sign-On username and password are required. Walk-up bookings may also be made at the door of each study room for available slots. 

Make sure to scan your card and enter the room during the first 10 minutes of your booking slot. Otherwise, the booking will be cancelled and the time slot will become publicly available again.

Study Rooms

Study Rooms on the Lower Ground Floor in Kimberlin

Study Rooms in Kimberlin

There are bookable study rooms (KL00.06, 00.07 and KL00.08a-f) on the Lower Ground Floor of Kimberlin.

There is also an Assistive Technology computer room (KL00.09) with 5 AT computer workstations. No booking required to access to the computer room, but you will need to be a registered user. Check if you are eligible for registration with the Library Disability Services

Picture of accessible Study Room KL00.07 - click to book

Accessible Study Rooms in Kimberlin - click to book

The library has bookable study rooms for individual work. There are six individual study rooms and two Accessible Study rooms for registered users (KL00.06 and KL00.07). Walk-up bookings may also be made at the door of each study room.

List of assistive technology software available in the library - click to see more details

Installed with a range of assistive software

  • Audio Notetaker
  • Notetalker 
  • TextHelp Read & Write
  • IncludeMe 
  • ClaroRead
  • Inspiration
  • MindGenius
  • MindView
  • Spellex
  • ZoomText Reader & Magnifier
  • EquatIO

Image of the Assistive Technology sticker on PCs with assistive software

Assistive Technology Computers

There are a number of Assistive Technology (AT) computers installed with specialist assistive software across all library spaces.

Check that the AT sticker is on the computer to make sure it has specialist assistive software on it.

AT PC sticker