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Who We Are & What We Do: Home

Learning, Digital and Academic Skills Support Team provide help across a wide range of academic and digital skills, with each team having their own areas of expertise. We can provide a variety of types of support advocating a scaffolded approach to skills development throughout each academic year

Writing & Study Skills

Centre for Learning & Study Support (CLaSS)

As CLaSS lecturers, we teach all aspects of academic writing as well as other study skills such as time management or critical thinking


Digital Skills

Digital Partners

Digital Partners run the IT inductions for new students as well as teaching students how to use the MS Office 365 but also Turnitin and Assistive Technology


Drawing & Visual Acuity

The Drawing Centre (DC)

In the Drawing Centre we help students develop their visual learning and communication (visual acuity) skills as well as providing on campus location to encourage students to engage with their creativity

Searching & Referencing


Each programme has a dedicated Academic Liaison Librarian. We teach literature searching, critical evaluation of information and referencing (inc. RefWorks)


Maths & Statistics

Maths Learning Centre (MLC)

In the MLC we are specialists at working with students from across the University to help develop proficiency and confidence in maths and statistics


Development of Independent Study Learning Resources

As DMU Staff you can use and embed our already existing learning resources available from our website at any  point of need, when you find them the most relevant for your students. Especially if your students need some help with improving Skills & Assignments

In curriculum delivery and co-delivery


We can deliver and co-deliver bespoke session focusing on developing academic skills embedded in your module curriculum. The types of sessions that we offer include:

  • 10 minute signposting session
  • Standalone session
  • Series of sessions (either in one block or across  terms/block

Module content and assessment consultancy


We can work with you to help to identify essential academic skills needed to meet your programme/module learning outcomes. Additionally, we can consult you on how to develop appropriate assessment types and tasks to ensure that the core principles of constructive alignment are met

Development of Bespoke Learning Resources tailored to your students’ needs

We can work together to create for you and your students bespoke study materials, such as interactive online courses, toolkits   bitesize videos or screencasts that directly reference the topic and module content that your students are studying