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Student IT and Digital Skills Induction: Saving & Managing Files (OneDrive MS 365)

Saving and Managing Files

As part of your course, you will have set assignments, saving your work whether it's written work using MS Word or a presentation using MS PowerPoint, you will want to ensure you save your work in a method that allows easy access to your files. You may wish to use your personal devices e.g. laptops or computers, there are some tips below. All DMU students can use OneDrive to manage and access their files, OneDrive is part of your MS 365 account.


The OneDrive app allows you to access your online cloud storage for your files. All students receive 1TB storage. There are many benefits to using OneDrive - you can access it from any computer with internet access, share files and collaborate if needed, even in real-time. In your LearningZone modules you will see OneDrive as an option to submit a file e.g. assignment submission. Note, you can still locate a saved file on your laptop/computer or USB too.

Accessing your OneDrive - Login to with your DMU email and authenticate in DMU's Single Sign-on (MyDMU login details) and access the OneDrive icon


Microsoft Outlook is available as an app for both Android devices,  Apple iPhones and iPads.

Search for Microsoft Outlook in the Google Play store (Android), or App Store (Apple).