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BaseCamp: Home

DMU BaseCamp is an online resource designed for all DMU students at all levels of study – undergraduate, postgraduate and research

BaseCamp has 6 sections to support and equip students through the journey of their studies. It covers teaching and learning: digital capabilities; assessment and good academic practices; feedback, reflection and next steps; careers, placements and personal development, and support, communities and belonging.

Students can return to BaseCamp at any time throughout their studies. Everybody’s journey at DMU will have different goals and different challenges, and BaseCamp will be there when Students need it.

All module templates for 2022/23 created by Academic Quality contain a link to BaseCamp for incorporation into a Blackboard shell for a module. In addition, there is a link to BaseCamp in each faculty community shell in Blackboard.

DMU BaseCamp has been designed so students can navigate it flexibly, dipping in and out when needed and personalising the information they find. They can also work through the sections in a linear way, or search for particular information.


Staff can use BaseCamp as a convenient way to access important information to share with students. Staff can link to, embed, and incorporate the different parts and sections of BaseCamp into presentations, Blackboard shells, and communications with students. Templates and ‘playlists’ of content directed at particular groups of students can be developed and shared


BaseCamp has been built collaboratively by a wide range of stakeholders across DMU. The Staff BaseCamp Hub is an MS Teams space for discussion, questions, sharing ideas and making suggestions for BaseCamp’s development. Any member of staff can join the Team with the following code: hfrt6up