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Public Policy and Government inc. Housing: Useful Websites

Evaluating Information

Wherever you get your information from it is important that you evaluate the quality of the information. There are many factors that you need to consider when assessing the quality of the information, such as currency, the authority of the writer ...

Information Source Evaluation Matrix - click here to view

Here is a link to the Information Source Evaluation Matrix (click on picture), a useful guide that takes you through the factors you need to consider to assess the quality of information you are relying on.

Central and Local Government

Official Publications

Useful Housing Websites

Further sources of government information relevant to Housing are listed on the Useful Websites tab.


Digimap allows you to view and print Ordnance Survey maps of any location in Great Britain at a set of defined scales.

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Statistics and Data

Think Tanks

Some key think tanks are listed below.

There is no comprehensive directory of these organisations, but Wikipedia provides a list of of UK think tanks which links you to their websites.