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Linkedin Learning: LinkedIn Learning Content

Getting Started on Content

Before you can begin accessing recommended content you must first login and activate your LinkedIn Learning account by accessing the 'How to access LinkedIn Learning' tab on this guide.

Relevant content based on 'skills you're interested in...' 

When you first login to LinkedIn Learning you are offered the opportunity to choose skills or select skills from the categories - Business, Creative and Technology.
On selecting these skills your home page in LinkedIn Learning is personalised, presenting recommended content based on the skills you set. 

To get the most out of LinkedIn learning you have the opportunity to browse thousands of video based courses that are relevant and of interest to you. These can be further filtered so you can find exactly what your looking for and essentially upskill and develop in many key areas. You may even take up a completely new skill that your personally interested or that for your potential career. Find out more here to search and set relevant content based on skills you're interested in.

Initial Recommended Content
We have pulled together some suggested content which can be useful for your employability as well as for your studies. These will appear under 'From your org' on your home page. We will continue to add further content.

Note some of these recommended by us are just for starters and can include learning paths - which is a collection of videos focused on specific skills, topic or goal. Learning paths are designed to be viewed in a particular order. Recommended content can also be grouped using 'collections' - which can be viewed in any particular order.

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Some recommended content allows you to start thinking about improving your skills related to careers and employability - from career planning, communicating effectively, personal effectiveness, presenting with impact, diversity and inclusion. There are so many related courses that we can't include them all but these can help as starters. You can search for courses using the top search box on skills, subjects or software, as well as searching on LinkedIn learning three main areas on Business, Creative and Technology. If you wish to brush up on Microsoft skills e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Office 365 (e.g. Onedrive, MS Teams etc) or specific programming software- search and explore these in LinkedIn Learning. 

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