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Introducing LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning - Live Now!

Develop and improve 'the most' in demand business, technology and creative professional skills by accessing online over 7000 online courses and around 300k videos with LinkedIn Learning. Courses ranging from 'soft skills', design to programming and much much more in this continuous evolving library of courses.

Make the most of the opportunity to access to LinkedIn Learning for free. This guide will explain how you can access and get started in LinkedIn Learning, discover the varied learning routes available to you and provide further useful tips. Use either the icons below or tabs at the top of this guide to get the information you need and begin developing and improving key skills. Gain access:

  • To expert led courses in Technology, Creativity and Business
  • Learn from industry leaders and watch high level experts in the field of your interest - all in one place
  • Get personalised recommendations. Explore the most in demand skills based on your experiences
  • Access courses from any desktop or mobile device anytime
  • Reinforce knowledge with quizzes, exercises and practice materials
  • Discover learning paths for your courses by industry experts providing valuable career knowledge and skills
  • Certificates of completion

Lets get started - Logging in for the first time.

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How to access LinkedIn LearningUsing LinkedIn Learning icon


What is LinkedIn?

Get connected, discover and get discovered

Linked In Social Professional Network

 World’s largest professional social network.  


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