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Fine Art: Books & e-Books

Useful Shelfmarks

Books about the same subject are assigned the same shelfmark number. You'll find the number on the spine of each book. Here is a selection of shelfmarks for Fine Art:

Art history 709

Art theory 701

Painting: fine art 750

Painting 1800-1900 759.05

Painting 1900-759.06

Photography  770

Sculpture 730

Video Art  778.59

Searching for e-books on Library Search

Library Search


  • The search box above will search for e-books only. 
  • To reset your search to find all Library Search content, perform your search then click on  on the top left of your results list.

Other places to find books

Pamphlets and Oversize Books


  • Items too small to fit on the standard shelves
  • On the second floor at the end of the main book sequence
  • 'PAM' in front of the shelfmark on the library catalogue

Oversize Books

  • Items too large for the standard shelves
  • On the second floor after the pamphlets
  • 'L' in front of the shelfmark on the library catalogue

New Books

Mexican Painters

Fascinating insights, political and social movements, historical context. 95 illustrations.

Picasso Encounters

Considers the artist's major statements in printmaking throughout his career.  

John Van Alstine

The complex synergy between natural forces and man-made elements.


Presents artistic positions that explore and question the promise of the digital world.