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Considerate and Healthy Study: Home

Considerate and Healthy Study Guide

Space designations

Kimberlin Library is divided into two types of study space based on the type of study taking place. These are;

Silent Study

Collaborative Study (learning zones)

Please always pay attention to the area you are in and act accordingly. Respect others around you and move to a different area if the space you are in is not appropriate for your needs. Staff will be happy to help you.

Please be aware that on occasion we may adjust noise zoning, for example during exam season.

In the Silent Study areas conversation is not permitted, mobile phones must be set to silent and headset volumes should not disturb other library users. Student's are advised to alert library staff if others are creating noise in the area.

Silent study areas can be found in the following locations:

  • Second Floor, Rooms 2.14a and 2.14b

These spaces are for collaborative STUDY, so that you can learn with friends.

Group study and the use of mobile phones are permitted. Whilst conversation is permitted, you should still respect others around you and keep it at an appropriate volume.

Our collaborative "learning zone" areas are here:

  • Lower Ground Floor
  • Ground Floor "Learning Zone"
  • First Floor "Learning Zone"
  • Second Floor "The Deck"
  • Second Floor "Learning Zone"

General Behaviour

  • Respect each other - everyone is here to study
  • Be courteous to staff - we are here to support everyone using our service and part of that involves enforcing rules to ensure a pleasant and studious working environment for all.
  • Please use furniture and equipment for its intended purpose
  • Respect the space designations and do not disturb others
  • Tidy up after yourself/report mess and spillages to staff

Student Lockers

There are a limited number of lockers available in Kimberlin and Eric Wood. These lockers are available for you to store items for a brief period of time while attending lectures of having a short break from your studies.

  • These lockers are only accessible during opening hours.
  • All library books placed in these lockers must be issued to your student account.
  • Do not leave perishable items in the lockers.
  • We advise not leaving valuable or personal items in the lockers.

To allow for a monthly clean by staff, please ensure you have left no belongings overnight on the last Sunday of each month - any belongings left will be removed and logged as lost property and any library books will be returned to the shelves. 

Eating in the Library


You can eat cold food and drink hot and cold drinks in our learning spaces.    

No hot food is allowed. 

If it is hot, it is more likely to create smells and mess. As we are trying to provide a pleasant study environment for all of our students we enforce this rule and reserve the right to ask you to remove hot food from the Library. 

Healthy Study and Wellbeing

   Staff are on hand to support you in using the Library and with your studies, however there are also things you can do to take care of yourself.

  • take regular breaks 
  • ensure you are hydrated
  • fuel yourself with healthy food
  • Sleep is good but not in the Library as we are obliged to wake you up on wellbeing grounds.



Rules and Regulations

Desk Hogging

To ensure that study spaces are shared fairly, we have a clear desk policy in place.

We recommend breaks during long periods of study but if you plan to leave your desk for anything up to 30 minutes please use one of our Study Break passes to advise us of your intentions. 

You are at risk of having your belongings removed by staff if you are seen to be reserving spaces for more than 30 minutes.

Identity and Security

It is a breach of University regulations to share your identity with anyone else and penalties can be applied.

  • Carry your student card with you on campus at all times
  • NEVER lend it, even if you are only trying to help a friend
  • NEVER share your IT credentials
  • Keep your identity safe and secure