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Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): Effective Studying

Effective Studying

 Focus on Time Management 

Download our PDF guide on managing your study time more effectively.

  • Managing your time
  • Planning
  • Overcoming obstacles

  Notemaking : Bitesize video


Download a transcript of this video below.

The following clips were recorded during a group mentoring session in which students put questions to our DMU staff mentors on topics they were concerned about. This selection of clips offers advice around effective studying.

There is lively group discussion between staff and students and at times, conversations do overlap.

Captions and transcripts are also available.

Carol - Mind map

“Lists are not my thing, I need it to be visual”

DMU mentor, Carol on mind maps

Paul Workload

“Sometimes it’s okay to say I can’t meet this deadline”

DMU mentor and Hewlett Packard representative, Paul on deadlines

Carol - Planning

“The more you can plan, the more you can juggle”.

DMU mentor, Carol on planning

Learning Techniques

“The way you learn can make a difference”

DMU mentors Carol and Kit on learning styles