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Student IT and Digital Skills Induction: Using MS Teams for Online Sessions

Microsoft Teams for online sessions

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication application which can be used to support live online teaching or support sessions.

Your course timetable on MyDMU may provide a MS Teams meeting links for online teaching sessions only or if needed to be used as arranged by your lecturers. You may also be invited to a Teams meeting and be provided with the link via your course module or DMU email, so it's good to know how to join a Teams meeting with your student account.

If a session is delivered online, some devices and browsers may not be able to be connect to Teams via MyDMU Timetable, so we recommend to install the MS Teams app (see below). After installing MS Teams you can 'right-click' on the meeting link to copy and paste in your web browser. You will then have the option to join via the downloaded MS teams app or via the browser.

How to join and connect to MS Teams sessions

There are two ways that you can join using your DMU student account and connect to MS Teams:

1. MS Teams App (downloaded) | MS Teams can be downloaded as an app on your personal device e.g. laptop

2. Web Browser | MS Teams can be accessed via the internet and

3. If your lecturers have activated a teams module site in LearningZone, there will be teams link in the LearningZone course module homepage at the end of the page.


1. Download MS Teams (preferred)

It is recommended that you first download MS Teams onto your personal devices e.g. laptop to have access to the full features of MS Teams. The video guide on the top right shows you how to download from, log in using your DMU email '' (e.g. in

You will then be prompted to authenticate using your DMU login in the 'Single-Sign On' DMU screen where you login with your MyDMU login details (username and password).

Once entered you will have access to MS Teams as an icon on the left in

Select the Teams Icon, you may be prompted to 'Get the windows app' or use the web app instead. Selecting the windows app will allow you to download MS Teams. If you choose the web app, you can still use Teams using your web browser. 

When you select the teams link from your course timetable in MyDMU you are then presented with the options:

Open MS Teams (downloaded on your desktop, if you have it open and you select a Teams link it will open the MS Teams meeting ready for you to select join)

Continue using this browser (via the web, which is explained below)

Ignore the download option if you already have it installed

Why do I need to use my DMU Student account for MS Teams?

Using your DMU student account ensures for your attendance online which is picked up from your login details as a DMU student. You can also have access to the full features in MS Teams e.g. post chats and files shared. You want to avoid logging in as external guest.

2. Using MS Teams via the Web

There is the option to choose to use the web browser version of MS Teams link when you visit and login with your DMU student login details using your DMU email '' (e.g. will have a MS Teams icon which allows you access the web version of MS Teams.

Web Browsers
Google Chrome is the preferred browser, even on a MAC. Most main browsers (latest) are compatible e.g. Edge and FireFox.

Is there a difference between the MS teams app downloaded and using the Teams over the web?

There is no core difference in the main functionality between both, though the downloaded teams app will have full features.