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Computers on Campus

Kimberlin Library has around 450 computers complemented by over 40 in the Eric Wood study space, and 50 in The Greenhouse – both PCs and Macs are available. These computers give access to Microsoft Office, Internet access via a range of browsers and much more. There are a number of computers loaded with specialist CAD software such as Adobe CC, AutoCAD, Solidworks and Rhino available in the Eric Wood study space. 

Cleaning study desks and equipment: Please clean the PCs and multifunction devices before and after you use them. You can find cleaning materials near the multifunction devices.

How do I log in to the computers?

Log on to these computers using your P number (on your student ID card) as your username and your single sign on password. Remember! Press CTRL+ALT+DEL on the keyboard to unlock a computer. 

Tip Icon Remember that you must change your password from the default as soon as possible and always keep your passwords private. If you forget your password, use the password self-service portal to regain access.

IT Provision

Standard PCs 

  • Kimberlin Library* 462
  • Law Library 18
  • Eric Wood 67*
  • Greenhouse 45*

Loanable Laptops

  • Kimberlin Library* 106**

*Numbers are approximate

** WACOM pens can be borrowed from Kimberlin help desk

AutoCAD / cintiq** 

  • Kimberlin Library* 44
  • Greenhouse 3


  • Kimberlin Library* 26
  • Eric Wood 8
  • Greenhouse 2

*Numbers are approximate

** WACOM pens can be borrowed from Kimberlin help desk

Dual Boot

  • Kimberlin Library* 30

Assistive Technology PCs

  • Kimberlin Library* 12
  • Law Library 1
  • Eric Wood 2
  • Greenhouse 1

*Numbers are approximate