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Welcome to the Mentoring Online Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to enable staff (and students) to learn more about peer mentoring and how it can be integrated into a course. The aim is to provide a ‘quick start guide’ to setting up a mentoring scheme by focusing on the key areas of consideration and providing step-by-step guidance. If you have any questions about this guide or setting up any form of peer mentoring or other forms of peer learning on your course, then please email Jason Eyre (

Peer Mentoring Online Toolkit

Mentoring Online Toolkit - Quick Links to documents and templates

These documents and templates can be customised for your peer mentoring initiative. 

The Evidence for Peer Mentoring

There is widespread evidence for the effectiveness of peer mentoring in a variety of different contexts. For a selection of this evidence, please take a look at our resource list.

Peer Mentoring and Peer Learning Principles

De Montfort has established a set of peer mentoring and peer learning principles which can inform your understanding of the role peer mentoring and associated approaches to peer learning can be helpful to your course

Mentoring For All

Peer Mentoring on a course of study is only one of the mentoring offers available to DMU students. For information on all of our mentoring opportunities, take a look at our Mentoring for All website.