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DMU Dubai: The Library

The students are informed to adhere to the library policies

Library Opening Times

During university working days:

Monday – Thursday

8.30 AM to 10.30 PM

Friday & Saturday

8.30 AM to 8.30 PM  

Closed on National Holidays


During university closed days:

Monday – Friday

8.30 AM to 5.00 PM

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays 

You can also contact us:

or Meet the Librarian

Dr. Sivakumar, R.



Evening shift staff

Renald Moses 


De Montfort University Dubai, Dubai International Academic City, P.O. Box: 294345, Dubai, UAE

by Phone+971 4 4358665

by Email:


Contacting the Library in the UK

If your query relates to online access to resources, contact our JustAsk helpline at the UK campus

General policies

  1. Access to the library for DMU Dubai students and staff only.

  2. DMU Dubai Student ID card is a must to access the library and its services. ID cards are not transferable. Present your student ID card upon request by library staff. 

  3. During the extended library opening hours, students are informed to do entry in the register kept for the purpose before entering the library.

  4. Observe strict silence inside the library. 

  5. Food and beverages are not allowed inside the library.

  6. Library users must handle library furniture and equipment with utmost care. Library furniture and equipment should not be shifted from their specified place and must avoid misuse, deface or intentionally damage.

  7. Mobile phones should be set to silent. Headphones should be used when listening to audio and videos and should not disturb others.

  8. Students are not normally permitted to film or take photographs in the library.

  9. Replacing books in different locations on the shelves must be avoided. Books taken from the shelves should be left on the table, Library staff will replace them.

  10. Any damage to the books or unwanted markings found in the books will attract a penalty or replacement of the books.

  11. Library users must take care of their personal possessions or valuables and avoid leaving unattended in the Library. Library staff is not responsible for a loss of personal belongings.

  12. Users should put litter and waste papers in the appropriate waste bins placed.

Using the computers and printing

  1. A 32 computer systems and software to access the online resources and to use for their academic purposes.

  2. To access the PC, the username is your P Number and default password.

  3. The computers and internet in the library should be used only for accessing the library catalogue, Online e-resources subscribed by the library, and any other searches pertinent to academic activities.

  4. Library users must handle library computers and printers with utmost care. Library computers, keyboards, mouse, etc., should not be shifted from their specified place and should avoid misuse or intentionally damage.

  5. Avoid unplugging the computer power cables and network cables.

  6. Do not download and install any software and avoid changing the settings of computers.

  1. A centralized network printing, photocopying and scanning facilities for students to use are available. Use your PC username and password or tap your university ID card for printing, photocopying, and scanning.

Borrowing from the Library

  1. Borrowing of print books will be done upon only producing your university student identity card.

  2. Identity cards are not transferable. Library staff may refuse to issue books to anyone who uses the cards of others.

  3. Two books for a period of 7 days each will be issued.

  4. Check the condition of the books before borrowing and books found in a damaged condition will not be issued. Please bring this to the notice of the library staff immediately if any defect is found. 

  5. The Borrower is fully responsible for the books issued upon his/her ID card.  Please do not lend your card or any borrowed library books to anyone else. 

  6. Any damage to the books or unwanted markings found in the books will attract penalty or replacement of the books.

  7. Books borrowed should be returned on or before the due date. The books can be renewed if there is no demand from others.

Using the discussion rooms

  1. The discussion rooms are available for students for academic purposes only.

  2. Discussion rooms can be used by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students. The conversation inside the discussion rooms must not disrupt the others.

  3. Students can use the room for a maximum of 1 hour. An extension is allowed subject to availability.

  4. No reservation for the discussion rooms. Access to the discussion rooms is on a first come first serve basis.

  5. Lights must be turned on always while using the discussion rooms. 

  6. Additional chairs should not be brought inside the discussion rooms. 

  7. Students are liable for any damages caused while using the discussion rooms.

DMU UK Library

The DMU UK Campus main library is the Kimberlin Library. If visiting the UK, students and staff can access all facilities within the library. Information is available from the DMU UK Library webpage