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Special Collections - archives and rare books: Special Collections Catalogues

Archive Catalogues

DMU Special Collections material is catalogued here

Visiting this site, you will be able to conduct detailed searches across all our archive, artwork and artefact holdings, including searches by index terms. You can also browse by category.

The collections have been catalogued at different levels of detail. We aim to have a collection-level description uploaded for all of our holdings. This level of description is a summary which provides an overview of the collection, including key information such as title, date range, extent and format, and content.

Other collections have been 'box-listed' only. This provides a rough sense of what is in the collection, but the material hasn't been arranged into a hierarchy and the items are not described in detail.

Finally, some collections have been arranged into a hierarchy and each item or folder is described in detail.

Examples of the above are available in the screenshots gallery below.


Rare Books Catalogues

The books and journals in Special Collections are valuable and rare, and therefore need specialist care and higher security; or belong to a set of books which should not be split up into main stock (named collections).

Most of the rare books and journals are listed on the main Library Catalogue, although more recent acquisitions are still being processed.

The image in the gallery below shows an entry in DMU's main Library catalogue with the 'Kimberlin Special Collections' section highlighted. It is possible to narrow a search to just Special Collections materials.

Screenshots from DMU Catalogue