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Research Data Management: What is DMU doing to support Research Data Management?

DMU Research Data Management Project

DMU's Guidelines on Good Practice in Research Data Management were approved in March 2016, as the starting point for developing DMU's capacity for RDM.

The University agreed to take forward its RDM development as one of its strategic portfolio projects in September 2016.

For further information, contact the RDM Project Manager, Mandy Thomas

RDM project outline

What is it?

The project aims to implement a research data management (RDM) service for DMU research staff and research students, including the technological infrastructure for storing and preserving research data; and training, support and guidance for researchers in managing their research data.

Why do we need it?

Funders are expecting research organisations to show that they have in place systems and processes for research data management and sharing, and this will increasingly impact on bid success. Equally, there is a movement (which funders are supporting) towards making data Open by default wherever possible.  This kind of openness and transparency contributes to research integrity, by making data available for verification and testing. Researchers need the infrastructure and support to enable them to manage their data effectively, and to make it Open wherever possible.

What will the project outcomes be?

  • Implementation of a system for active research data and data repository
  • Implementation of a system for long term digital preservation of research data (or data archive)
  • Online information and guidance materials
  • Programme of training
  • One to one support for researchers at various stages of the lifecycle (eg. data management planning)
  • Development of policy and processes