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Further Blackboard Tools: Wikis

How to use Wikis in Blackboard

A wiki is a collection of web pages that allows others to add and edit content collectively. Your wiki starts off with usually a home page, you can add further pages and link them together. Wikis can be made available to all on a Blackboard module or restricted to groups of students within the module. In a group or module wiki and adding content, any student can add and edit existing content. Don’t worry that some content may be erased by a fellow student; the Blackboard wiki maintains a full history of every change that has been made, when and by whom. Your tutor can see the stages of the wiki development as well as being able to view relevant contribution of each team member. The wiki tool allows your tutor to keep track of the changes made, showing ownership of work to allow evaluation if required. 

You can include various content formats from text, images and hyperlinks without needing to know fully how to edit web pages. It is also possible to add comments to content created by others. 

How to use Wikis if they are used by your tutor

Typically, your tutors will advise you of how and where you can access the wiki in your Blackboard module and whether it is a course wiki or group wiki. Depending on how this has been set up by your tutor there may already be a home page set up in the wiki. To create a new wiki page:

1. Click the Create Wiki Page button

2. Add a Name for the page and enter content for the page using the content editor. If you want to attach a file to your wiki page click the add file button. A link to the file you upload will be embedded in the page.

3. When you have added everything you want to the page click the submit button and the page will be saved to the wiki.

The wiki page view:

In this view you can:

  • Select Create WIki Page to add a new wiki page (as in 1 and 2 above)
  • Edit a wiki page by selecting the ‘Edit Wiki Content’
  • Leave a comment on specific page by selecting the ‘Comment’ button
  • In the right panel view the index of wiki pages
  • View your contribution by selecting the ‘My Contribution’ tab at the top right