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Further Blackboard Tools: Group Areas

How to Access Group Areas in Blackboard

Groups in Blackboard, like in a face-to-face classroom support group work online. Each team of students or group may be given access to online tools to enhance their group work, which can include: Discussion Board, Blogs, Wikis, File Exchange, and Email.

Members of any given group can only have access to their group area in Blackboad, other groups cannot view another groups work. Your tutor may randomly assign you to a group or may set up groups where you can ‘sign-up’ to a group. Your tutor will advise.

Accessing your group

In your Blackboard module under your module  menu on the left, you should see a heading called My Groups and under that is the name of your group. If you click on the name of your groups, a dropdown menu will appear with all the available tools for this group.

Selecting the ‘arrow’ will display the group dashboard and access to the group tools.

The group tools allow your group to have a group blog, wiki, exchange files, discuss online using the discussion forum, create group tasks and send emails. Note the tools available to use may differ as this is set by your tutor.