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Updated Access to eBooks during Coronavirus Closures: Home

Additional Publisher Access to e-Resources during Coronavirus Closures

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, a large number of academic publishers are opening up free or upgraded access to their online collections to support universities and their students and staff during this challenging times. These collections included eBooks, online journal articles and full text databases.

We will be updating this page as additional resources are made available.

Updated Access to eResources during Coronavirus Closures

Free access to the American College of Radiology (ACR) CPI Chest Radiology eBooks is being provided by the ACR through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The content can be accessed here. To access the content, students and staff are required to register a user account with the ACR site. ACR request personal data as part of this registration process.

EBSCO are providing upgraded access to two of the library's existing EBSCOhost database subscriptions for the next year until 31 Aug 2021. DMU has current subscriptions to EBSCO's Academic Search Premier and Business Source Complete. EBSCO are offering trial coverage to the Ultimate versions of these two products: Academic Search Ultimate and Business Source Ultimate. The online content provided by these Ultimate databases will be substantially larger than the existing resources we lease.

Academic Search Ultimate provides access to over 12,000 individual eJournal titles and 1,700 eBooks. Business Source Ultimate will connect students and staff to over 18,000 eJournal titles and approximately 2,000 eBooks.

JSTOR are providing additional online access to their online archive journals and selected eBooks during the Coronavirus pandemic, until 31 December 2020. DMU has had a long standing subscription to the JSTOR Arts and Sciences III collection, so this additional content will compliment this established coverage.

The electronic content is available via the JSTOR platform here.

The library does not have online access to all content hosted on the platform. You can find a list of participating eBook publishers providing access to their eBooks on the JSTOR site here.

UK university students who have returned home overseas due to the pandemic can now access BBC News Channel

International students enrolled at UK universities but currently continuing their studies overseas due to the Covid-19 crisis can temporarily access the BBC News Channel via BoB, the UK streaming service for education, for the very first time with more programmes hopefully being added in the future.

The content provider, EDP Sciences, has opened up access to its online journals portfolio through to 31 August 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Access be found here.

EDP Sciences covers the following subject areas: physics, engineering & technology, health and life sciences, chemistry, mathematics and computer sciences.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has created a page dedicated to COVID-19 information/resources. This page is continually updated by psychologists, health care workers and the public. The page can be accessed here.

The APA has also provided free tutorials and guides for students referencing in the APA Style. This content can be found here.

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has created a free COVID-19 Epidemiology Collection via their online portal. DMU students and staff can access this online electronic collection of articles here.

Royal Society Publishing have temporarily removed paywalls from their online journal content in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please visit to view Royal Society eJournals.

To assist architecture students and staff, the online database BCIS Online is now temporarily accessible off campus using a username and password provided by the provider. This temporary access will be available during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Due to provider restrictions, we have to host the temporary login on a secure site that only students/staff can access. In light of this, the temporary u/p have been added to the eJournals requiring passwords page here. Library users have to click on the SAML link first and then log in with their Single Sign On account. This will then allow them to see the secure page with passwords.

The library has set up trial access to the Oxford Law Trove.

The Oxford Law Trove contains the content of around 200 online law textbooks across core and optional modules.

The resource can be accessed directly here. or via the Databases A-Z List.

The following online journals, related to ADH, have provided the library with temporary logins to access content during the Coronavirus crisis:

El Croquis Digital Library

Planete Carlin Digital

The logins are hosted on the eJournals requiring passwords page of the DMU Library website. To access the secure passwords page remotely, students and staff are required to click on the SAML link and then log in via DMU Single Sign On.

In light of students and staff moving to remote studying/working, the provider WGSN is allowing users to create new accounts/reactivate expired accounts (after 90 days) from off campus. Usually our students would have to be onsite at DMU to register a new WGSN account or reactivate an expired account.

You may now log into the WGSN portal here. The link will request that you log in via Single Sign On (to confirm you are an eligible DMU user). Once this is done, you will see the usual WGSN sign in page with two options - either to create a new WGSN account or reactivate access after their account has expired after 90 days.

DMU Nursing and Midwifery students now have electronic access to the Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures (Tenth edition) through the content provider Wiley.

The Royal Marsden Manual can be accessed directly via the Databases A-Z List here.

Students and staff will have to use their DMU Single Sign On credentials to access the resource.

Digimap are offering a free trial of their new, developing Pilot Digimap, including a feature-rich mapping database of Greater London, a database of UK buildings across the UK, and a national land information database. You can start to explore this now using now by linking through to Digimap and selecting Pilot. The trial will last up until 31st July 2020.

The provider Project MUSE is making some of its online journal and eBook content temporarily free to access during the COVID-19 crisis. Project MUSE primarily supports research in the humanities and social sciences. Information about this temporary access can be found here.

Not all access is free on the MUSE site, only content from a selected number of publishers (although this list is growing daily). A list of the current publishers providing free access (and the dates of when this access will end) via the MUSE platform can be found here.

Access to the Project MUSE platform can be found here

The Internet Archive has set up a National Emergency Library (via the Internet Archive) to provide online access to reading material. Although this primarily concerns patrons in the United States, the online library is free for anyone in the world to sign up to and use.

The Pharmaceutical Press are providing complimentary access to their Pharmacy Knowledge resource for DMU students and staff for the next 6 months until the start of the Autumn 2020/21 term).


Please view the guide to accessing Pharmacy Knowledge here.

DMU Library has set up free access Ohio State University Press monographs for the remainder of the COVID-19 outbreak.

699 monographs are available to access. The provider specialises in literary and cultural studies, American studies, rhetoric and communication, gender and sexuality studies and race and ethnicity.

Access is direct via the OSU Press platform. The monographs are currently not available through Library Search or the E-Resources Portal.

EBSCO has provided access to their Faculty Select service. Faculty Select is a single interface where students and staff can easily discover and access more than 12,000 Open Educational Resources (OER) for teaching and learning purposes.

The service also provides information for more than 225,000 DRM-free EBSCO eBooks but no full text coverage.

University of Michigan Press eBooks are free to read (but not to download) for DMU students and staff through to 30 June 2020 during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Free access University of Michigan eBooks

LLS has set up trial access to Elsevier's All Access eBooks collection through to the end of August 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic

The All Access collection includes around 37,000 individual eBooks - these are all hosted on Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform. The eBooks collection is accessible via the Databases A-Z List and individual titles can be accessed through the E-Resources Portal.