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Your student portal, which provide access to many key information and services at DMU e.g. information about your course, timetable and general information about the University and access to your university email account.

Student email service

De Montfort University provides and e-mail account for all students. The library uses this account for keeping people informed of the progress of reservations and other transactions.

Staff email service

Webmail interface to staff e-mail service.

Access my storage 

You have 1tb of cloud storage at your disposal while at DMU

Using your pnumber and password you can log in to Microsoft OneDrive via MyDMU or log in to OneDrive direct here to access your own personal storage.  

Use your OneDrive to store copies of important documents, large multimedia files or anything else you want*

*Student use of Microsoft OneDrive is subject to DMU’s student regulations and policies which can be found here

Also students get 10GB of storage personal drive at DMU (H drive)

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Faculty IT Labs
A large number of subject-specific applications are available for students to use in computer labs located around the campus and for ease of access.
You can see what software is available through the start menu on each computer but Lab software is organised around certain academic/teaching areas.
IT Spaces available for students for the Faculties can be found in the following sections:

Humanities OA Clephan Building Room: 00.01

Humanities Clephan Building Room: 1.32E

Humanities (Resource room) Clephan Building Room: 2.06

Humanities (Post Grad) Clephan Building Room: 3.06J

LIPC Philip Tasker Building Room: 3.02

ARCH Workshop Vijay Patel Building Room: 0.20

Product Craft Interior Design Vijay Patel Building Rooms: 1.20, 1.30, 1.31, 1.32, 1.35

Architecture Vijay Patel Building Rooms: 1.53, 1.57, 2.20, 2.30

Architecture – PG Vijay Patel Building Rooms: 1.56, 2.13, 2.31

Product Craft Interior Design (Studio) Vijay Patel Building Room: 1.72

PG Vijay Patel Building Room: 2.15C

CELL Vijay Patel Building Room: 3.17

Fashion and Textiles Vijay Patel Building Room: 3.23, 6.62, 6.63, 6.64

Trading Room Hugh Aston: 2.01

Standard Teaching Labs Hugh Aston: 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, 2.05

PG Hugh Aston: 5.18

Standard Teaching Labs Edith Murphy Building Room: 3.08; Hawthorn Building Room: 00.37F, 00.43

SALT Hawthorn Building Room: 0.16

SALT - Research Area Edith Murphy Building Room: 5.08

Psychology Hawthorn Building Rooms: 00.19, 00.37A, 00.37j, 00.41, 0.16A, 0.40; Portland Building Room: 1.16

Audiology Hawthorn Building Rooms: 0.14a, 0.21, 1.19

Pharmacy Hawthorn Building Rooms: 2.21, 2.24, 3.08

Standard Teaching Labs Gateway House Rooms: 2.14, 2.80, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.84, 4.74, 5.81, 5.82, 5.83, 5.84, 6.51, 6.52, 6.53, 6.79, 6.80, 6.81, 6.82, 6.83

Robotics Gateway House Room: 4.63

Games Development Gateway House Rooms: 6.31, 6.32, 6.33

ST Foundation Lab Gateway House Rooms: 6.54

Animation Bede Island Building Rooms: 0.12, 0.13, 0.16

Game Art Bede Island Building Rooms: 0.14, 0.15, 1.09, 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, 2.14

Media Production Bede Island Building Rooms: 1.12

Electronics Queens Building Room: 0.01

Control and Electronics Queens Building Room: 0.02

Dynamics Queens Building Room: 0.06

Power Electronics Queens Building Room: 0.27

Mechanical Queens Building Room: 0.31

Electrical Computer Interfacing Queens Building Room: 1.01

Engineering Design suites Queens Building Rooms: 1.02, 1.31, 3.01, 3.02, 3.10, 3.12

PC Radio Studios Queens Building Rooms:1.29D, 1.29E, 1.29F

PC Masters Queens Building Room: 1.30

Embedded Systems Queens Building Room: 2.01

Network and Communication Queens Building Room: 2.02

Physical layer Queens Building Room: 2.06

Engineering Queens Building Room: 2.25