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DMU Replay: Introducing DMU Replay

What is DMU Replay?

DMU Replay supports access to multimedia learning content which can be accessed from your Blackboard modules, this can be from recording of your lectures to other prepared learning materials.

DMU Replay enables recorded content to be replayed and can be useful for revision and to recap on learning materials. 

Useful features in DMU Replay which are available to you when you view a recording:

  • Add your own notes to a recording which only you can view and access and will appear as you view the recording, this could be useful if you wish to highlight a part for further reference be it for further research, revision, or asking further questions.
  • Search on recording e.g. keyword or concept which allows you to locate where that concept was mentioned in the recording and replay if needed.

Others may refer to DMU Replay as Panopto, this is because Panopto is the name of the software that supports recording of learning material, DMU Replay is the ‘branded’ name of the service. They are essentially the same thing.