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Library Lab

Library Lab is a place where we showcase our projects and initiatives (and our experiments!) - these are designed to improve services for students and to engage everyone in building the library of the future - join us!

Creative Learning: Home

Creative learning for reflection, confidence and connection


Combines free-association collage and reflective SWOT analysis. Develops self-reflection skills, empowers learners via awareness of strengths, builds academic confidence and sense of belonging via connection with others.

Hand-drawn Infographics

Visualising topics via drawing using methods such as visual mapping, comparisons and storytelling. Builds communication skills, helps with articulation of ideas and provides basis for peer discussion.

LEGO Serious Play

Participants are guided through a series of exercises using Lego bricks, moving from individual to group models, and from literal models to metaphorical ones. Develops team working skills, builds sense of belonging, creative thinking and empathy.


A visual tool involving a staged interrogation of a topic on one sheet of paper: a structured form of mind mapping. Builds confidence in academic writing, develops research skills, offers opportunities for peer learning and fosters critical and creative thinking.