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Computers on Campus

Kimberlin Library has around 200 computers complemented by over 40 in the Eric Wood Learning Zone, and 50 in The Greenhouse – both PCs and Macs are available. These computers give access to Microsoft Office, Internet access via a range of browsers and much more. There are a number of computers loaded with specialist CAD software such as Adobe CC, AutoCAD, Solidworks and Rhino available in the Eric Wood Learning Zone. 

Cleaning study desks and equipment: Please clean the PCs and multifunction devices before and after you use them. You can find cleaning materials near the multifunction devices.

How do I log in to the computers?

Log on to these computers using your P number (on your student ID card) as your username and your single sign on password. Remember! Press CTRL+ALT+DEL on the keyboard to unlock a computer.

Tip Icon Remember that you must change your password from the default as soon as possible and always keep your passwords private. If you forget your password, use the password self-service portal to regain access.

Borrow a Laptop

Laptops are available for loan for up to 3 hours during the Kimberlin Library opening hours. They will only work on the university campus Wi-Fi network.

When you return the laptop, ensure to connect it to the charger. If a Laptop is not fully connected to the power cable and the locker door fully locked, the Laptop will remain on your account and fines applied as this prevents other students from borrowing it.

Your DMU Labs service

DMU has introduced the  Your DMU Labs service to allow you to securely access the resources you need to assist you with your studies remotely.

See how you can access computers and software remotely from the Your DMU Labs IT page.

Wi-Fi (Eduroam) & IT Support

Eduroam Logo

You can get onto the internet anywhere on the DMU campus, all you need to do is scan wireless networks with your phone or laptop and select Eduroam. Eduroam is a global Wi-Fi network, and allows you to log in at universities, colleges and hospitals worldwide.

What are my Wi-Fi username and password?

Username: your unique P number found on your student ID card, followed by

Password: your single sign on password. 
Remember that you must change your password from the default as soon as possible and always keep your passwords private.

IT Support

IT support is available through the MyDMU portal, or through a 24-hour support line by contacting 0116 250 6050.


ITMS Student IT Handbook

ITMS Student IT Handbook - Information on all the IT support available to students.


You can get to know your IT services at DMU here and find even more IT support on the University webpages.



The Kimberlin Library is home to around 20 multifunction devices for printing both colour and black and white. There are also a number available in Eric Wood and The Greenhouse. These to allow you to:

  • Print double sided, using less paper
  • Print to any student printer across campus
  • Scan documents directly to your student email account

How does it work?

Just swipe your student ID card at any printer on campus and touch the icon for print, copy or scan.

  • Print, select your file from the list, and touch 'Start Print'
  • Photocopy, place the original on the flatbed and touch 'Start Copy'
  • Scan to email, place the original on the flatbed and touch email. When you fill out the fields it will be sent to your DMU email account

It is your responsibility to make sure that your work is 'print ready'. If you're not sure then please ask a member of staff. If a technical error has caused your document to be produced incorrectly, we can re-credit your account, but we will need evidence of this. 

Make sure that you log out once you've finished so no-one else can use your account.

Printing from your own device

You can bring your own device to campus and print wirelessly to any student printer - please note that you can only scan to your DMU email address, you will not be able to scan to any other email address. You can find out more about printing from your own device by clicking here and signing in.

How much does printing & photocopying cost?

A4 Black and white = 1p per side
A4 Colour = 3p per side
A3 Black and white = 2p per side
A3 Colour = 6p per side

Paying for printing & photocopying

You can pay for your printing and photocopying by topping up your print account via dedicated kiosks in the Kimberlin Library foyer or pay for printing online here.