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Copy of Librarians: Student Resources

Subject Guides

Subject Guides


These guides are prepared by your Librarian and inform you of the best resources available for your area of study. Find out more about Librarians here or select your Subject from the Faculty lists after clicking the image above.

Library Search

Search the entire library collection


Find books and e-books


Find journal articles


Inter-Library Loan

The Inter-Library Loan (ILL) is a book, journal article, or other publication which is not available from our own library stock, and which we may be able to obtain for you from another library, through the Inter-Library Loans Request Service.

The Inter-Library Loan Service is available to undergraduate students at the end of their second year, undergraduate third and fourth year students, postgraduate students, research students

There is a guide to the service, through which you can see the number of requests you can make and how to access the request form.

DMU Resource Lists

Search for resource lists by module code or name

Watch this short video to learn about the features of  DMU Resource Lists and how to use them.