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Student IT and Digital Skills Induction: Course Learning Materials in Blackboard VLE

Course Learning Materials in Blackboard - Learning Online

Blackboard is DMU's virtual learning environment 

Blackboard is used to support learning and teaching activities. Blackboard provides access to your course online learning materials from any computer with internet access. Here you will be able to access module learning content for your course, these include lecture recordings using DMU Replay as well as other formats such as MS PowerPoint or MS Word. Modules will include access to your module resource list (or reading list) which highlight readings and resources for your module. Written assignment submissions will usually be online in your Blackboard modules using Turnitin, a software which checks your work for originality. There are online guides available in Blackboard from the 'Student Technologies' tab which explain how to submit your assignments online. 

You should be able to access and view Blackboard modules for your course

Blackboard access and login

1. Type directly in your web browser e.g. Google Chrome

2. OR Select the Blackboard tile in MyDMU 

Login using your the same login details for MyDMU

In your personalised home page you can access and view your course modules that you are enrolled on. 

Here you can access your course module(s) from the My Modules panel.

You will be accessing Blackboard on regular basis so it is important to familarise yourself with the platform.



Support with using Blackboard, Turnitin and other technologies used to support your course modules

are available from the 'Student Technologies' link when you access Blackboard

Course Modules in Blackboard

Course modules have a typical layout, course menu on left and content display on right.

Module menus may slightly differ depending on your course and lecture content. Spend some time navigating the module and the content from the module menu which can include:

Module Announcements
Staff Contacts - Teaching staff details
Module Information – about the module
Module Handbook – has important details about the module e.g. module assessments and assignment criteria.
Module Announcements by the lecturers
Learning Course Materials:
Module learning resources which can be in many file formats including recorded lectures
(using DMU Replay)
Word, PowerPoint, or PDF and others
      Resource List - Interactive reading list for your module designed with subject librarians and course lecturers
    Turnitin - online written assignment submission and similiarity checker